ASV is a company developed to offer clubs and individuals the best in stock and customised garments.
ASV is derived from the Latin 'Ad Summum Volamus' which means 'We Fly high' - we felt an appropriate name for a company who aims to cater for the best in the world sport, with the best quality merchandise, from suppliers known for their attention to detail and customer service. Our aim is to 'fly high' in the field of sports clothing and other apparel.
We have partnered with Adidas, and other suppliers to offer the best quality garments on the market, and we will endeavour to constantly listen to our customers and monitor your needs and aspirations.
After the enormous succes of the Adidas brand at the London 2012 Olympics - they looked for a supplier for thier new and innovative range of gymnastics leotards and we are combining our vast experience in the sport of gymnastics with the supreme quality of the garments to give you the best there is in the gymnastic clothing market.
The Adidas T12 collection is available for all sports who want a great look in tracksuits and other garments, and the very latest innovation which is entitled 'Adidas MiTeam' gives clubs the opportunity to have custom made Adidas clothing made in your own club colours. Never before has such a vast global company looked to supply clubs with thier own personalised look.
Please tell us what you want, and what we can do to help. We will always listen and act upon ideas and concepts we hear from you, our customers.